Waarom werd Frederik van Eeden door Procházka naar het Tsjechisch vertaald? Een vergelijking van Arnošt Procházka en Frederik van Eeden, Moderní Revue en De Nieuwe Gids

  1. Zuzana Vaidová


The aim of this paper is to point out some of the similarities and differences between two eminent personages of two European literatures, i.e. between Dutch writer Frederik van Eeden and his Czech translator Arnošt Procházka. The paper also deals with possible reasons why Procházka translated Van Eeden’s texts as well as with some similarities and differences between the two journals — Moderní Revue and De Nieuwe Gids they established. The revealed parallels are shown in the critical reception of their work in both cultural contexts, the Dutch and Czech.

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Neerlandica Wratislaviensia

23, 2013

Pages from 89 to 104

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